Sometimes, the best way to tell history is to let experience and memories do the work. Think, for a moment, about names like John Holder, the Burrows’, John Parr, Triton Luffman, The Trembaths, the Sinns, Andrew Hamilton, Kevin Healy, Jim Stanborough and so many more from all the Clubs that have sewn stitches into the tapestry of soccer in Sunraysia – I suspect each one will inspire you to remember long, tireless and selfless service, always delivered with a smile and with the best interests of the sport always at heart. Which is just how their Club, OUR Club, the Nichols Point Soccer Club, likes to see things done.

But none called their Club by that name when they started their involvement in “the beautiful game”. Red Cliffs, Rovers and Aztec Soccer Clubs all have proud records of achievement on and off the field and their own list of personalities and legends. They too have passed into soccer history in Sunraysia – gone, but far from forgotten.

What thrives, and always will, is the love of the game carried on by “The Pointers”. In the time since 1993, when (in one way or another) players from all three of these grand old clubs came together, the Aztec-Rovers, known as Nichols Point SC from 1994, have seen triumph and tragedy, success and struggle. Silverware has been a bit hard to come by in recent years, but history has a way of dealing with these things and our time will come again. Always near or at the top of the list in terms of numbers of players registered, recent years have seen the Club focus a great deal on junior development and cultivating an inclusive, family oriented culture to complement our 20 plus years of providing a strong, vibrant sporting group in the Nichols Point community at our HQ in 5th St.

With our hats tipped to the past and our eyes fixed firmly on the future, we look forward to the history that will be made in season 2009 and encourage all players, supporters and families to enjoy playing their part in it.