Referral Programs

Help Min, help NPSC

Min Poole from Barry Plant Real Estate has a special offer for the
Nichols Point Soccer Club, their families and friends.

Sell your home with Min Poole at Barry Plant and a $500 donation will be made to the NPSC.

Refer any family or friends to sell their home with Min and she will also
donate $500 to NPSC upon settlement. (Please mention NPSC when selling)

She’s ranked as the number 1 real estate agent in sunraysia! 

2015 RateMyAgent Award Winner:
Most Recommended Agent in Mildura, VIC 3500


North Star Mildura Motors supporting the community!

Our members can get a better deal on any new Nissan Motor Vehicle in the range as they can obtain Partner Program Fleet pricing as we are part of a not for profit organisation.

North Star Motors are honored to donate .5% of the purchase price of any new Nissan vehicle  purchased by our members!

$50,000 car purchase = $250 donation to the club!

$25,000 car purchase = $125 donation to the club!


Please see Brian Kelly (Fleet Manager) or Robert Colman (Dealer Principal)

Also see Sheridan Patterson (Sales & After Sales) if you need Financing.


Please give us an email if you’re going to buy, so we can send North Star Mildura Motors a verification letter saying that you’re a member of our club.  Club Email:


Thinking about travelling these Holidays? Why not give choice hotels a go! You can save up to 15%! While we receive 7% commission! Why not support the club and grab yourself a bargain these holidays!

Click here to receive discount


ElectricityWizard will pay our football club $15 for every energy plan sign up.
They are a free energy comparison service which will help you save money on your electricity and gas bills.

So we raise funds for our club, you save money on your energy bills and best of all it doesn’t cost a thing!

Click here to get started.